EPIC Solicitation for Energy Efficient Projects in Water, Agriculture & Industry

EPIC Solicitation for Energy Efficient Projects in Water, Agriculture & Industry

Following is an excerpt from the California Energy Commission’s Application Manual:

“The purpose of this solicitation is to fund technology demonstration and deployment projects that accelerate the commercialization of electricity-related, energy efficient industrial, agricultural, and water/wastewater processes at multiple sites. Projects must feature advanced pre-commercial technologies, methods, and approaches that are beyond the “proof-of-concept” stage. Eligible technologies must have completed field, lab, bench-scale, and/or pilot-scale tests, and have at least six months of verified performance data to warrant multiple, large-scale deployments in various industrial settings. Applications must clearly articulate a strong technology transfer plan and path to commercialization. See Attachment 15 (Project Categories) for a description of all project categories.

“Funded projects must target areas such as:

• Industrial energy efficiency processes (foundries, boilers, burners, and heat recovery

• Water and waste water energy efficiency (process improvements and pumps)

• Post‐harvest agricultural processes (vegetable cleaning and peeling, and water recycling)

• Data center improvements (air conditioning and high-efficiency chipsets)

• Reduced peak load through demand response industrial technologies” 

“There is up to $27,300,000 available for grants awarded under this solicitation. Applicants may request a minimum amount of $1,000,000 and a maximum amount of $5,000,000 per project.”

“Match funding is required in the amount of at least 20% minimum of the requested EPIC funds.”

A voluntary (but strongly recommended) pre-application meeting/webinar is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, August 28th. Click here to get information about the pre-application meeting and to download the proposal files.